The pre-orders listed below were available for pickup at IBC.  Limited additional stock may be available for sale at the Registration table.

Customized Tervis Cups

Tervis products are dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime guarantee.  The 16 oz tumblers are insulated, and the available lids help protect your beverage (and your home!) from spills (and rambunctious toddlers).

Pre-Order Pricing

24 oz Water Bottle – $25
16 oz Tumbler with Lid (Navy or Hunter) – $18

Limited stock may be available for purchase during the conference, at prices $2 to $5 higher per item.

Professional Demo Dolls from Touch Needs

​IBC 2016 offered a special pre-order group buy of Demo Dolls by Touch Needs. Sizes offered are Newborn (50 cm), 3-4 month (60 cm) and Toddler (85 cm) and are offered in a variety of ethnicities. The average savings on these professional dolls by ordering with the IBC 2016 pre-order is $30-$65!

50 cm – $90

​The 50cm newborn demonstration doll is the size and weight (2.75kg/6lb) of a full-term baby. It is well suited to the needs of babywearing consultants who require a doll that enhances their demonstration of slings and carriers and allows the parents they work with to safely learn the carrying techniques before trying with their baby. Also suitable for occupational therapists and all parenting practitioners who are in need of a realistically weighted newborn size doll.

60 cm – $95

​The 60cm (3 – 4 month size) weighted demonstration doll has been especially designed with the needs of babywearing consultants in mind. This size doll is great for demonstrating front, hip and back carrying techniques in most types of standard sized carriers and slings.The fully weighted dolls give a greater sense of balance and general realistic feel to the demonstration.

85 cm – $135

The 85 cm weighted toddler demonstration doll is perfect for Babywearing Consultants and Educators who require a toddler size doll to demonstrate carriers and slings with. The friendly and engaging features of the doll will be loved by children, parents and teachers alike.